I Was Born A Unicorn

Why hello. I am Ender, a bipedal primate, from the great ape family (Hominidae). I hail from the urban agglomerations of Istanbul/San Antonio. I am the modern definition of contemporary and a contemporary of modernity. I like to like, but don’t like to love (though often times I hate). I have circumnavigated the globe (with my fingers of course) and have experienced World War I and World War II (thank you Activision). The final episode of Lost was disappointing and made me regret wasting so much time viewing it. I give myself simple tasks such as, “I will blink today”, so that I can pat myself on the back for a job well done. I like to think of immaturity as a blessing and like to maintain a high sense of optimism. I really enjoy math and physics, but am too lazy to follow such pursuits. I want to be just like Justin Bieber when I grow up. Over the years I’ve become fluent in Turkish and German (which is something that I have no comprehension of, because, after all, what is German?). I like commas, because I can do this, also this, plus this, and I’m done. But hey, if you really want to get to know me, just strike up a conversation and we’ll see how things go from there (note: this is not an invitation to be a creep).


About EnderLeTurk

I like cheese.
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