Revenge of the (Videogame) Nerds

It was not too long ago that “gamers” were labeled as anti-social pariahs and ostracized by their more “manly” counterparts. While such a stereotype may still prevail in the minds of some, I have noticed in the past few years a shift from games being played behind closed doors to more of an acceptance that games can be just as social as a game of flag football. In my opinion nothing has driven this change than the advent of MMO’s such as World of Warcraft.My first MMO I played was Star Wars Galaxies and despite my initial skepticism ,the ability to interact with individuals around the world from France to South Asia fascinated me as Pierre and Ho Ming joined me to take on the “rebel scum”. The ability to interact with fellow “imperials” from all corners of the globe epitomized the big word of the time–globalization.

8 years later as a junior in college, I still see the impact that MMO’s are having on our society yet the thought of “region locking” servers seems to defeat the greatest part about MMO’s in general–the ability to meet people you would have never come into contact with on a daily basis. Hopefully through this class we can find a solution that will benefit both the industry and the gamers who are going to miss a chance to meet someone totally different.

Nick Theccanat

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