Hey there!

Hi, my name is Hannah Linn and I’m currently a junior here at Trinity. I’m from Harlingen, TX, down in the Rio Grande Valley, where we are known for our very popular South Padre Island. I grew up with two brothers and a sister, and one extremely sweet dachshund named May. In our community, it is predominantly Hispanic, where I went to schools labeled under the 10% population of “white” kids. It was great though, and since I was raised that way, it has inspired a fascination of learning as much Spanish as I can, which is my minor here at Trinity, my major being Communications.

Here on campus I’m involved in quite a few things. I’m the Co-Captain of the TU Cheer Squad, where we cheer for both football and basketball seasons. I’m also very active in TigerTV, where I have been a part of the show Newswave as a Sports Producer and Anchor; I plan to become even more active this year. I am also a pole vaulter for the TU Track Team. I have amazing friends here at Trinity as well as some of my best friends from high school that I know I will have for the rest of my life.

Growing up my brothers and I played super mario on our Gameboy’s, as well as some Nintendo-64 games like 007 Nightfire. Once I hit middle school I stopped gaming for the most part, but I am really excited to take this class and see what all this has to offer.


About hlinn

I am a junior Communications major at Trinity University.
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