There’s too many of them!

I am Seth, a junior at Trinity University. I am a theater and English nerd who spends his time outside of rehearsal, playing games like Civilization IV and Dragon Age. I have an intermittent addiction to World of Warcraft that springs up from time to time, mostly during the summertime. As far as my experience with MMORPG’s, WoW is the game that consumed most of my time.

Like many of my friends, I consider the internet to be responsible for a good part of my raising. I spent a good deal of time on various forum and flash game based communities, making friends throughout the world and even near me in Texas. These internet communities have developed my humor and my interests in theater. I find good books to read and plays to check out on several forums.

As for MMO communities, I rarely felt any sort of connection to the people that I would game with, as for me, the focus was always on the game play, the story line and leveling. By the time I had become interested in MMO’s, my friendships were exclusively ones I had met in school and other social spheres (and most of these friends looked down on heavily-addictive game play). For the most part, I became a social gamer, enjoying such titles as Katamari Damacy, Animal Crossing (which allowed me to connect with a friend who had moved away) and the Civilization series. WoW was just a way that my brother and I could game together, so there wasn’t much long term interaction with people I didn’t know. The guild I was in wasn’t particularly interested in creating a gaming community or environment.

So, in this course, it will be interesting to look at communities where interaction between different regions is possible, or even encouraged, because it was never something I got much satisfaction out of, when I gamed. Although I have made the promise that I would never play games that I cannot pause and leave at any time (a promise I have broken only once, due to boredom), I am excited to view these communities as a breathing, interacting group.

Seth “Alistair” Larson

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