Globalize Me

The force of globalization has been growing in our world as technology brings all the people of the world closer together. Computers are getting faster, and more capable and internet connections are more prevalent than ever. Personally I feel that globalization will have a huge impact on my life, in the fields of Political Science and Public Relations, the international arena is where I would like to be. Meaning that as globalization continues to stretch around the world, the landscape of political and social interactions will change, changing the game for me in my line of work in new and exciting ways.

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The interesting part will be how technology and globalization cause people in public relations and politicians to come into contact with even more people around the world with more people being able to interact with companies and politicians as someone working in Europe I could have to deal with a crisis in Laos, or South Africa possibly. This could cause issues that arise to be more global then ever before, but it also means that solutions can come from anywhere on the globe as well.

Globalization is a fact of life in today’s modern world. As the recent reading While I Was Sleeping pointed out nearly anything can, and as long as it is cost effective, will be outsourced to other countries. It is a fact that all of us will have to confront once we me all make it out into the real world and it will probably become more prevalent as technology continues to advance. So as we move further into this world competition for jobs will become more intense as the other millions if not billions of people in the world potential compete for the same positions possible from thousands of miles away.  So in this more competitive world the question becomes how can someone rise above the masses?

First of all people must be able to politely, and competently interact with people from all over the world. Meaning that a familiarity with not only many different languages but with many different cultures as well. A culturally insensitive act can ruin any working relationship just as fast as lack of mutual understanding. But this is a good thing, as people become more familiar with various languages and cultures it will draw the people of the world even closer together. This could usher in a new era of understanding that could help propel humanity into the future and achieve unmeasurable heights.

People will also have to become very flexible, and able to do a myriad of tasks placed upon them by their employers in order to compete globally it would seem so that one person could be saddled with the responsibilities of two people. People will also need to learn to be tech savvy in order to deal with all the new technology being created that brings the world together.

Personally I can not wait for globalization to bring the world closer together, I have played MMO games for years and one of my favorite parts of these games is being able to speak with people around the world, and it seems that now that technology has allowed people to do this outside of games. The skills of meeting and befriending various people from all over the world and this could be beneficial to me in the future and I have had a chance to practice them in a non-professional setting. This kind of training is actually becoming what some businesses are looking for, as was mentioned in the leadership article we read, and who knows some day MMO RPG experience will be a training tool or even a requisite for some jobs. Who knows where the world will be in the next decade?



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