Just a Little Side Project

Hey everyone,

My friends and I have put together a podcast called Demmersion: Getting Out of the Game, and Dr. Delwiche suggested I should post it up on this blog once I get it all edited and published. So, if you click on this most excellent link you shall be whisked away to the blog post detailing and providing our first episode. It clocks in just under an hour, and in the span of the podcast we discuss narrative complexity, SquareEnix, and Mafia 2. Also, be aware this is not a family friendly podcast. We are approaching this a bit more professionally than just a normal conversation between friends, but we do keep it fairly casual. Thus you will hear a few F-bombs, and various other flavors of curse words. Adjust your sound systems accordingly.

Any comments, suggestions, or criticism are/is greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy it!


About Evan

I'm a guy who does social media things for video games with an interest in games, online communities, and media messages. I like playing and thinking about games.
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