The Experience of the Inexperienced

Coming into this class, I had no idea what to expect. Like the gaming world, when you enter a brand new game that you have never played before, it’s a whole new adventure that you are ready to explore. You will make mistakes along the way, and you’ll adapt to what you learn about the game. I am doing exactly that in this class, and with my inexperienced knowledge in the field of games, I have been gaining experience through Everquest II.

One of the first things that caught my attention about the game was how I could become almost anyone I wanted to create. Whether it be a mighty, butch-looking woman warrior, or a delicate yet strong, beautiful elf, it was my decision, where I was allowed to use my creativity and imagination. I’m sure that happens in almost every game, but being new to this, it was very exciting for me. Secondly, I was extremely drawn to the exquisite and beautiful graphics of the game. Everything was in such pure and disctinct color, the design being beyond gorgeous all around. I’ve seen in the other game we played in this class, (forgive me, I forgot the name,) how the animation is similarly intricate and very extravagant all at once, making this experience very enjoyable and eye-catching for me. To be honest, this part is one of the main reasons why our gaming sessions go by so quickly for me, I am in constant awe of the design.

In the reading, there are a lot of parallels that I see in relation to my newfound experience with Everquest II. The article talks about how “..tomorrow’s business landscape could well be alien territory for today’s business leaders,” which was definitely so in my case. Even though I thought of myself as a leader in other areas, entering this new world, I began to see that I was definitely out of my element, and needed the help of others who had the proper experience. Another interesting thing about the article is that it mentions how leaders in the gaming world incorporate diversity in their groups in order to access different skills, kind of like how the business world encourages diversity in order to help buy and sell in the market. With this advantage, both in the business world and in the gaming world, it is easier to compete and to learn. And yes, even though the business world is reality and the gaming world is fantasy, the reading talks about how leaders in the game have to face challenges that businessmen have to face. Game leaders must “identify and frame challenges – a central element of real-world business leadership,” where they “primarily plan and execute tactics to achieve goals specified by the game.” I noticed exactly all of these things in my time with Everquest II. With my group, we had a leader who not only helped train me but who used everyone’s powers to destroy the enemy as a way to obtain a certain goal.

Group 1, a very diverse yet successful group, helped me gain experience in Everquest II.

The interactions that I experienced with others in the game were interesting. My first interaction was with a random American guy who liked the way my character looked. I think he wanted my character, Solara, to be his cyber girlfriend. I, of course, kept pressing the “+” button to run away as fast as I could from this creeper, but it was pretty funny once I thought about it. Group 1, which was the group I was assigned to, was also very helpful to me when we interacted together in the game. I was very behind on levels, and people would mentor me to help me level up. I also have to give major props to Dr. Delwiche and Dr. Hendersen for being so kind and patient with my inexperience, and helping me along the way without getting too frustrated with me. I was able to use the chat mode often, too, in order to get my points across and ask questions, which helped me progress in the game quicker.

My experience in this game has definitely opened my eyes a little bit into understanding the gaming world. But as for the soon-to-be entrance into Final Fantasy XIV, I know that my mind is probably going to be as naive as it was before. Despite the fact that I now know about quests and I pretty much get the main idea of how these games work, this is also going to be a new adventure for me – a new experience for the inexperienced. I, however, am excited to embark on this endeavor, and hopefully I can learn to become more of a teacher and a helper than a student and a bum in the games. I say this jokingly, yet kind of seriously, setting this goal for myself in pure motivation.


About hlinn

I am a junior Communications major at Trinity University.
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