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Links to potential platforms

Lord  of the Rings (Commercial) Fallen Earth (Trailer) Aion (Trailer) TLBB (Trailer) Perfect World (Trailer) Vindictus (Trailer)

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Badger Fight!

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Badger Fight / Class Photos

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Pigs Blood Fireworks

Writing this entry reminds me of the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War Two. I read some post-war reports that depicting the harmful effects exerted on people living in these 2 places after the explosion. … Continue reading

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Poor Little Albert

The infamous “Little Albert” experiment was conducted in 1920 by John B Watson and his assistant Rosalie Rayner at Johns Hopkins University. Watson wanted to further understand “classical conditioning” and see whether he could condition a child to at first like an object and … Continue reading

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The Downward Spiral of Aversion Therapy

Since 1932, Aversion Therapy, or a treatment in which a patient is exposed to a negative stimuli while receiving discomfort, was a generally accepted form of treatment for addictions and other problems. In 1994, the American Psychological Association declared that … Continue reading

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Midnight Climax? Yeah? Yeah!? Yeaaahhhh!!!

Sex with strange women? Marijuana? LSD? If those things appeal to you, then you would have loved being part of Operation Midnight Climax (if you knew you were part of it). However, while you were out with your paid date, … Continue reading

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