National Treasure : Cao Ni Ma

Let me introduce you guys the Chinese national treasure, Cao Ni Ma. It also has an enemy called He Xie. Every Chinese loves Cao Ni Ma which are filled in the Chinese society. However, they hate He Xie a lot and hope that one day it will come to extinction. They even composed a song for them. Below are the lyrics.

他们为了卧草不被吃掉 打败了河蟹,

Translation of the Lyrics:

In that beautiful and distant desert

There lives a crowd of Cao Ni Ma

They are energetic and smart

While naughty and clever

They feel so free to live in that desert

Enduring the predicament with courage and stamina

Oh! Brave Cao Ni Ma

Oh! Fearless Cao Ni Ma

They defeated He Xie to protect thatch from being eaten

Since then, He Xie disappeared from that desert

I guess you must be confused, you must be wondering since when panda is replaced by Cao Ni Ma to become Chinese national treasure. Actually, Cao Ni Ma is an instantiation of the hatred towards communist party.

Cao Ni Ma is a homophone of Chinese foul language. In the lyrics, Cao Ni Ma is a simile to Chinese. That beautiful desert indicates China.

He Xie is a simile to the communist party. This song emerges because Chinese government enforced a great deal of censorship over the media. People in China can just make everything so ambiguous that it is hard to realize they are actually criticizing the party. He Xie is a homophone of harmony. Communist party in China always talks about harmony, though it is one party dictatorship. The party wants stable society and steady economy. Anything that is against stability and steadiness should be “harmonized”. In the eyes of Chinese, “Harmonization” means to accept every order the party gives out. If you transgress the order, you should be “harmonized”.

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