Zhou Bichang: The voice of China

Zhou Bichang was the runner up in Super Girl Competition in 2005 and one of the top pop artists in all of China.

Zhou Bichang was born on July 26  1985 in Changsha, Hunan Province. From an early age, Zhou was immersed in musical culture, with her mother being a music teacher and small time performer. As soon as she started school, Zhou learned to play the piano and developed a love for classical music. By the time she reached junior high school, the pop music originally banned by the Chinese government was inundating the mainland from Hong Kong and Taiwan. By high school, Zhou had an extensive collection of pop music from around the world, and mastered her vocal abilities.

In 2002, she went to the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou. Her first experience as a popular icon started in her dorm room where she released a single titled “How I miss you” on the web which received numerous views and positive responses.

Zhou’s first big break was in the spring of 2005 when she was entered in Super Girls’ Voice, a show similar to our American Idol. As she progressed (despite her tomboyish appearance) Zhou quickly gained national fame progressing to the top 3 contestants. She ended up in second place with over 3 million votes, ranking her one of the most popular singers in history.

After Super Girl’s Voice Zhou returned to finish her final years at the university, focusing on academia rather than the fame she engendered. A year later, she resurfaced by signing into a record contract with Yuelin Music, an up and coming Beijing based record company. On June 1st 2006, Zhou released her first EP titled “Bibi’s 1st EP” (not the most creative title) with a mere four songs. Her first full album was titled “Who Touched My Violin String” and several of the songs were featured in popular Chinese movies.

Zhou’s most recent successful endeavour was singing two official Beijing Olympics songs, “We are Ready” and “Beijing Welcomes You

Ultimately, Zhou remains one of the most prominent female artists in all of China, rightfully receiving the “Best Female Artist” award in 2008.

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