Gaming Session- 11/30/10

Tonight’s gaming session was…interesting. I was part of the group who played Munchkins, along with Raelle, Matt, Vinh, Eric, and Aaron. To be honest, we were quite confused. We tried for about the first 30 minutes to understand the directions and the point of the game, but we really couldn’t. So we just started playing like we knew what we were doing, even though we didn’t. As we played, though, we started making some sense out of the game, even if it was not the intention of what the game really instructed us to do.

Matt made the game fun, though. He was very enthusiastic despite our direction-challenged minds. Vinh ended up winning, I don’t know how, but he did. I ended up getting up to level 4, which was about average compared to some others of the group, who could not pass level 1. I think this game was created to confuse the player and then for the player to confuse themselves while playing. The experience wasn’t frustrating, though, it was just a little boring since we didn’t know what we were doing. Overall, interesting night.


About hlinn

I am a junior Communications major at Trinity University.
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