Merrily Playing Lord of the Rings

Contents of the Lord of the Rings Board Game

As we began to choose which board game to play, I sat down at the table with the Lord of the Rings board, mostly because I was intrigued by the multiple, intricate boards.  When more students came into the room, it seemed as if most students stayed as far away as Lord of the Rings as possible.  The board game does look a bit overwhelming and exhausting, but I decided to go ahead and try it out.

Evan started off by explaining the goals of the game and the meanings of the different boards as well as the multiple types of cards.  I then chose my character card: Merry.  Immediately, I became confused about the significance of all the tiles drawn from the black bag.  I also did not understand the use of a gollum card.  However, after asking many questions, I actually began to understand the game.

Once I understood the game mechanics, I started to enjoy the collaborative nature of the game.  A player cannot win the game by being selfish; selfishness would entail keeping cards to themselves or not offering to use shields for a certain card. Although some people may dislike that the game does not center around each individual player, I really like this.  In general, I am not that competitive when it comes to board games.  Yes, I like winning… but I also love helping others to defeat a common goal.  Overall,  I am glad I choose to play Lord of the Rings even though it seemed like the unpopular choice.

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