Well, I will say that my experience playing this game was fun, however, I did find myself perpetually confused for the majority of it.  At first I was very excited to play this game with goofy cards and characters that I assumed would be much more simple than the Lord of the Rings game. Then, I opened the rule booklet and was substantially less excited to read through all those pages, until I realized that they were hilarious…

Munchkin is interesting for not only its concept but also for the obviously light-hearted nature of the creators.  This game has a mixture of humor for all age ranges and a seemingly very high re-playability rate. I found myself feeling very competitive while playing which is usually a sign to me that it is a good game because I do not have a naturally competitive nature.

I would say the thing I enjoy most about this game is the humor behind it.  However, I feel that having the opportunity to play again, now that I pretty much understand the rules, would allow me to appreciate this game even more!

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