Frustration in Hobbit Nation

Call me selfish or call me a non-team-player, but I am NOT a big fan of collaborative board games like The Lord of the Rings. I consider myself a pretty competitive person, but that does not mean I am unable to work with other people. I am very used to board games, however, where you are playing as your own player with your own goals, and not team goals. I wouldn’t say that I had a bad experience playing the game, but it was just something I was not expecting.Just because I don’t like collaborative board games does not mean that I do not like the idea of teamwork. Quite the opposite, actually.

Lord of the Rings Board Game

I love watching a team in sports work together to achieve a goal, or a group of people using each other to complete an obstacle course. Perhaps the concept of a team board game is just something I am not used to, and it will have to just grow on me.

That being said, I did not consider our gaming time a waste of time. I still love games of all kinds, so it was still interesting to play one which I had never been exposed to. I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but thankfully Evan seemed to be a pro at it. There were definitely stressful times during the game, as we went on a run of drawing several “Event” cards in a very short amount of time. Teamwork did come through multiple times, as each player sacrificed something to keep the Ring bearer away from getting taken. In the end, we were able to successfully destroy the Ring without any of us dying!

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