In Catan It’s Always a Good Time to Buy.

In last night’s gaming session I was surprised to find myself Playing Settlers of Catan once again. It was enjoyable to return to this semi-collaborative, more aptly described as cooperative, game for a second round. Understanding the rules and having a good sense for general strategy allowed me to focus much more on the mechanics at work.

I returned to the game with a sense of what tactics were most successful. I found that the best option was to use everything which the game had to offer me, and utilize those opportunities fully: trading with other players, purchasing development cards and working towards claiming the title of longest road.

A Semi Collaborative Game

And of course obtaining property on ports for the moments when fellow players no longer wish to trade directly.

Through the course of the two games it seems that what made the biggest difference in my success was liquidizing all cards I received as quickly as possible.  The more settlements or cities I was able to obtain the greater my “income” from the surrounding land.  It was always a good time to buy, and the more I put in, the more I received.

This was as far as I can tell what primarily helped me win the game both times I played.  My opponents might suggest that I have some “strategy of deflecting suspicion” from myself to a fellow player, but really I’m just attempting to play logically.

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One Response to In Catan It’s Always a Good Time to Buy.

  1. shep979 says:

    See how well your strategy works next time.

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