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Merrily Playing Lord of the Rings

As we began to choose which board game to play, I sat down at the table with the Lord of the Rings board, mostly because I was intrigued by the multiple, intricate boards.  When more students came into the room, … Continue reading

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Juggling to Work, Juggling to Bed

When I first thought of Chinese popular culture, I searched various sites on Chinese fashion and popular Chinese artists.  On one forum discussing events in China, I saw a tiny thumbnail picture of acrobats in red and black suits, stacked … Continue reading

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Wilting Willowbrook

The Willowbrook State School, located in New York, was completed in 1942 for mental retarded children. Infectious hepatitis was first observed at Willowbrook in 1949.  Statistics indicated that the annual attack rate of hepatitis was 25 per 1,000 among children … Continue reading

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AK Discusses AKB48

I chose the idol group AKB48.  With the Austin City Limits musical festival on my mind, I “Googled” popular music festivals in Japan.  I eventually stumbled upon a blog discussing the addition of AKB48 to the Asia Song Festival.  From … Continue reading

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Alba Dalil in Action

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I Never Imagined Comparing Sit-ups to Everquest…

When I do sit-ups, I set myself a goal: 4 repetitions of 12.  When I read articles for anthropology, I set myself a goal: ten pages then break. I create lists on post-its, lists on white-boards and lists in my … Continue reading

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Hovering across Boundaries

The world is no longer round? Friedman playfully suggests that unlike Columbus, he ventured to India and discovered that the world is flat.  Friedman hints at the flattening of the global competitive field: once scattered intellectual fields flowing into a … Continue reading

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