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The Lord of the Rings: The Adventures of Fatty the Hobbit

So tonight, I got a chance to play the Lord of the Rings board game. I was apprehensive about playing this game, partially because the game did not seem all that exciting, but mostly because Munchkin sounded like a much … Continue reading

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Nothing to My Name: The Influence of Old Cui

Now when it came to finding an aspect of popular culture from mainland China, I had a little trouble knowing how to start. After all, mainland China has not exactly been as open to the commercial nature of the popular … Continue reading

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When it came time for me to find a player to profile, I did not exactly have a whole lot of luck finding anyone. After much time spent searching for interested players in Final Fantasy XIV, Champions Online, and Everquest … Continue reading

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Carney Landis: The Scourge of Rats Everywhere

When it comes to social science experiments of questionable ethics, we often think of Stanley Milgram and his experiment in which subjects were told to administer (fake) electric shocks to an actor and how the majority of the subjects continued to do … Continue reading

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Akira Kurosawa: Michael Cera-Approved

For my blog post on Japanese popular culture, I decided to write about one of the most influential figures in Japanese cinema: Akira Kurosawa. Why is he considered one of Japan’s greatest directors? Basically, he is well known for his … Continue reading

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Gograx Soulslayer

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Machine Heads

Overview We all know that apart from 3-D technology, the latest trend that seems to be invading the video game market is motion control. Rather than using a controller with different buttons, motion control games read physical movement as input … Continue reading

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