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Munchkins. Oder mehr wie die meisten verwirrend Scheiße je.

Oh man, what an odd and confusing game. It’s fun after you figure what you’re doing, which won’t happen for a while if it’s your first time around. The good thing is I won. Munchkin is like an RPG based … Continue reading

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The Westernization (Destruction) of Feng Shui

I am more than sure that we all know at least one wealthy elitist groupie intellectual hipster in our lives that has bragged on about the negative energy releasing/blocking arrangement of their new and trendy modern furniture. “Oh, the energy relationship between … Continue reading

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Midnight Climax? Yeah? Yeah!? Yeaaahhhh!!!

Sex with strange women? Marijuana? LSD? If those things appeal to you, then you would have loved being part of Operation Midnight Climax (if you knew you were part of it). However, while you were out with your paid date, … Continue reading

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Though personally I do not have much experience with カラオケ, the times that I have taken part in カラオケ have been relatively fun. Every country has their own sub-culture based around カラオケ. In Japan, カラオケ is quite a large and … Continue reading

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Besaid Linkshell List

Howdy Guys and Gals, I have compiled a small list of linkshells that may be helpful for our researchleve.

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You know why it’s called EverQuest II?

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Solitude Will Rock Your World. Really. It will.

End of Time Productions Presents 1. Overview With the superior graphic capabilities of Sony’s Playstation 3 and the new kinesthetic platform of the Playstation Move, we, End of Time Productions, hope to establish an instant hit that will forever be … Continue reading

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