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The Road goes ever on and on

Last night I had the pleasure of playing The Lord of the Rings board game for the very first time and I had a really fun time with it. The game mechanics were really engaging since they involved just the … Continue reading

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Tencent QQ

With over 110 million users online, China is now the second largest internet user country in the world. This huge user number has allowed the Chinese internet industry to establish a strong basis for development and the expansion of related … Continue reading

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French Transnational Player Profile

Player Biography My transnational player profile will focus on an MMORPG player who I will be referring to by their in game character name-T’charr. During our interview within the virtual world “Champions Online” T’charr told me that she is 27 … Continue reading

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The Aversion Project

During the apartheid years from 1969 to 1987 in South Africa, the medical and psychiatric personnel of the South African Defense Force were involved in a wide range of severe prisoner abuses, the majority of which stemmed from continual attempts … Continue reading

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Keep On Trukin’

Dekotora, a combination of the English words “decoration” and “truck”, is a small Japanese subculture in which truckers spend an enormous amount of their free time and hard earned money painstakingly covering their rides with outlandishly flamboyant and elaborate spoilers, … Continue reading

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Cole’s Screen Shots

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Shadow Land Chronicles

Company Name: Red Arc Enterprises I. Overview Our game is about a young man of questionable sanity named Kricks who is imprisoned within Blackwood Hospital, an insane asylum that has become overrun by dark, ethereal entities.  Kricks must use his … Continue reading

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