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I am an exchange student from Hong Kong. Nice to me ya all:D


I am one of the players in the munchkin group. As we were not familiar with the rules, the game did not really go smoothly. At first, we were a bit frustrated. The tokens seem to be useless and the … Continue reading

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National Treasure : Cao Ni Ma

Let me introduce you guys the Chinese national treasure, Cao Ni Ma. It also has an enemy called He Xie. Every Chinese loves Cao Ni Ma which are filled in the Chinese society. However, they hate He Xie a lot … Continue reading

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Transnational Player Profile Player biography Country: Hong Kong Age: 21 Hobby: playing tennis Musical interest: guitar Favorite TV show: How I met Your Mother Self-introduction: I am an outgoing person who studies hotel management. Hospitality is one of my features. … Continue reading

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Pigs Blood Fireworks

Writing this entry reminds me of the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War Two. I read some post-war reports that depicting the harmful effects exerted on people living in these 2 places after the explosion. … Continue reading

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Explore Japanese popular culture by looking into the word “Otaku”

Will you keep shaking your head when someone calls you as an Otaku? The definition of Otaku changes as time goes by. The story of an Otaku depicted in the forum, 2ch(a large forum in Japan), is even published as … Continue reading

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How an Asian MMORPG veteran turned to be a western MMORPG newbie

As a veteran player in the Asian MMORPG, I am stunned that cultural difference will really strip off your common sense and the basic knowledge about online games. I found myself like a newbie searching for the hotkeys and hitting … Continue reading

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Outsourcing is never a surprise

Globalization, it is such a big topic to say. As I am from Hong Kong, I have been greatly affected by globalization. You can see this trend everywhere, every facet in Hong Kong. Since I was in kindergarten class, I … Continue reading

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