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Frustration in Hobbit Nation

Call me selfish or call me a non-team-player, but I am NOT a big fan of collaborative board games like The Lord of the Rings. I consider myself a pretty competitive person, but that does not mean I am unable … Continue reading

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What Are Those Crazy Explosions in the Sky?

A large thump, and a small circle light object rises quickly into the sky. What happens next can either inspire shock and awe, or scare you enough to cover your ears and hide your face. An explosion as loud as … Continue reading

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The Downward Spiral of Aversion Therapy

Since 1932, Aversion Therapy, or a treatment in which a patient is exposed to a negative stimuli while receiving discomfort, was a generally accepted form of treatment for addictions and other problems. In 1994, the American Psychological Association declared that … Continue reading

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The Misunderstood Geisha

When talking about Cultural Entertainment in Japan, why not go to one of its oldest, and most literal, form of entertainment, the Geisha. Meaning “artist” or “entertainer” when translated into English, the Geisha have a very rich, and often misunderstood, … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIV Emote Screenshots

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Questing Forever in Everquest II

Being a routine World of Warcraft player, I went into Everquest II with a certain mindset. Level, Level, Level! Questing, grinding, whatever. Anything to hear the *ding* and receive the satisfaction of gaining new experience. There are many aspects of … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name Is…

Patrick Crim. To begin, sorry this was not posted earlier. I posted it under my own personal blog, and not the class blog. Anyways, I am currently a junior and a Communications major with a Sports Management minor, but I … Continue reading

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