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Well, I will say that my experience playing this game was fun, however, I did find myself perpetually confused for the majority of it.  At first I was very excited to play this game with goofy cards and characters that … Continue reading

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After searching through YouTube and Google looking for an interesting Chinese popular culture topic, I came across the term C-Pop.  C-Pop is a genre of Chinese/Taiwanese music.  It comes from the term Cantopop which refers to Cantonese pop music.  While … Continue reading

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EQII German Player Profile

Surprisingly, she’s a lot like me.  Twenty-one years old, a college student in Germany, Claire[1] never really was one for video games.  “I learned Everquest from my boyfriend,” she told me upon our first meeting, “I also keep playing for … Continue reading

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Humphrey’s Tearoom Study: Gaining and abusing participants’ trust

Laud Humphrey’s “Tearoom Sex” study is an example of unethical research.  This study was conducted between 1969 and 1970 and examined homosexual relationships between men in causal settings.  Laud Humphrey felt that public law enforcement authorities were stereotyping men who … Continue reading

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Harajuku lovers: More than a style

When given that task to write about Japanese popular culture, I felt a bit overwhelmed.  All that was coming to mind was Anime and Hello Kitty and I knew I wasn’t supposed to write about either of those topics so … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Screen Shots

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Final(ly understanding the) Fantasy

After last nights gaming session I can finally say I understand enough about Everquest II to form a few opinions.  Since I am by no means and experienced gamer, entering the game world for the first time was a bit … Continue reading

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