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Starting fresh …

Starting fresh I began with one of my favorite topics: Joss Whedon shows. I decided to create a poster for three of my favorites and focus on something they all share in common. The female characters in Buffy and Firefly … Continue reading

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In Catan It’s Always a Good Time to Buy.

In last night’s gaming session I was surprised to find myself Playing Settlers of Catan once again. It was enjoyable to return to this semi-collaborative, more aptly described as cooperative, game for a second round. Understanding the rules and having … Continue reading

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The Underground Generation

Most people will recall just how popular the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon became, a favorite of both Chinese and U.S. audiences, or, perhaps the  movie Hero. Both of these are Chinese films which managed to capture a  global interest. What … Continue reading

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Gaming across Two Oceans

This is a profile of MMORPG players from around the globe. It examines the gaming experiences as well as opinions on transnational gaming of four individuals from four different countries. Each of the respondents offered some thoughtful insights and opinions … Continue reading

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RPG’s in the Stanford Prison

In 1971 Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo formulated a study that was designed to test the bounds of human morality: the Stanford Prison Experiment. His question was “what happens when you put good people in an evil place?” Are humans capable … Continue reading

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Run Lolita Run: The Japanese Teen’s Search for Individuality

A close friend of mine recently returned from Japan.  I was of course eager to hear about her trip, where she had been and what she had seen. After several hours of in-depth conversation, what came across most in our … Continue reading

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1. Overview      BadShadow Studios would like to introduce our concept for a new console game; ReplicantX. This game is intended to be played using an Xbox360 platform and the new Kinect interface. ReplicantX is an action-adventure game which requires … Continue reading

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