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Chinese Pop Culture: Internet Culture

I was really struggling looking up a topic for a blog on Chinese Popular Culture to begin with. All I could think of was Gung Fu (yes Gung Fu) and wushu and Chinese martial arts and the medicinal arts but … Continue reading

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Behind the Mirror Shades: a bad six days in the 70’s

In the 1970s Phillip G Zimbardo a professor of Psychology at Stanford University put an ad in the paper offering $15 a day for two weeks for respondents to help understand the psychology of imprisonment, 70 people responded to that … Continue reading

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THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI: How Japanese cinema influences and reinforces Japanese culture

Cinema is a great window into the social, norms and cultural values of any culture. This has been true since the beginning of the actual era of movies, and not magic lantern shows which were too short to be of any real story telling value. Japanese cinema is wide spread in the nation, but I could not track down any one area where most of the Japanese Film Industry is based like Hollywood here in America. There are many different kinds of Japanese films, the ones that we are most familiar with as Americans are their Horror films like the Ring and the Grudge, their Kaiju monster films like Godzilla and their Anime like Akira. But there are other kinds of Japanese films that can teach us a lot about Japanese culture. Continue reading

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Globalize Me

The force of globalization has been growing in our world as technology brings all the people of the world closer together. Computers are getting faster, and more capable and internet connections are more prevalent than ever. Personally I feel that … Continue reading

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Howdy Howdy

Hail Travelers! Okay enough of that for…..I am Matt Tanner, Peer Mentor of Games for the Web and two year veteran of the WorldPlay Research Initiative. Continue reading

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