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I'm a guy who does social media things for video games with an interest in games, online communities, and media messages. I like playing and thinking about games.

Excellent Article on the Japanese Gaming Industry

A friend pointed me towards an excellent BBC article called Is the Japanese Gaming Industry in Crisis? that looks at Japan’s recent decline in the gaming industry.

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Gackt: The Mystery, The Myth, The Magnum

As I grew up, I never really got into the same music my peers enjoyed. I enjoyed a lot of techno (because it reminded me of game music), and I quickly developed a love of Japanese Pop music, because it … Continue reading

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FFXIV Screenshots

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The Farthest Reaches: Exploring, Colonizing, and Escaping Deep Space

Overview The Farthest Reaches is a Nintendo Wii game about exploration, resource management, and city building. In the game, players will explore a foreign world at the edges of known space, and gather various resources along the way. Collected resources … Continue reading

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Forever Quest – Retreading Old Ground

MMOs and I have a rather strange relationship. We both tolerate each other while in the presence of the opposite, but when we’re apart we really don’t have a whole lot of love for each other. I grow tired of … Continue reading

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Just a Little Side Project

Hey everyone, My friends and I have put together a podcast called Demmersion: Getting Out of the Game, and Dr. Delwiche suggested I should post it up on this blog once I get it all edited and published. So, if … Continue reading

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Welcome to the (Flat) World

When I was born into this world some 20 years ago, the internet was anything but widespread. When I was young, the internet was a thing of mystery, and it was something to use to work. Now it is a … Continue reading

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