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Munchkin Land

During the gaming session on Tuesday I had the pleasure of playing a card game called Munchkin.  this game is basically a RPG with a very comedic tone.  The games tag line goes like this: “Go down in the dungeon. … Continue reading

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Mahjong:from the old to the young

For this Chinese popular culture blog, I decided to write and research a little about the infamous Chinese game: Mahjong. The amount of players who engage in this game is staggering and it is widely known as a very popular … Continue reading

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Mindless Entertainment

It’s hard for me to believe, but it has almost been a decade since I visited Japan.  It seems like just yesterday I was enjoying octopus balls on the streets of Osaka and hiking my way to the summit of … Continue reading

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I’m a Go-Pher

When I first imagined playing this game, I’ll admit I had high expectations. I expected to be defeating dragons and claiming their hoard (with the help of fellow guild members of course. The aesthetics and details of each character class … Continue reading

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