I am one of the players in the munchkin group. As we were not familiar with the rules, the game did not really go smoothly. At first, we were a bit frustrated. The tokens seem to be useless and the introduction doesn’t list the rules clearly at all.

Although we didn’t play that well, I actually think the game is interesting. By nature, it is a collaborative game which allows only one winner. The “curse” cards are superbly useful when you want to fight down 1 particular player. By cursing, you can add strength and level on a monster. For example, initially the player is fighting against a level 1 monster, after cursing, it could be lv 10 or even higher. This exceeds the player’s expectation and he/she will not be able to defeat the monster, thus die.

Luck plays an important role in the game. I was a level 10 player (with bonuses) which is pretty high among the group. However, when I drew a card from the “door” cards, it turned out to be a level 16 monster while other players just drew a monster which is level 5 or even lower.

I believe if we know more about the rules, this card game will bring a lot of fun.

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